Visit from Secretary of State for R+D

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Visit from Secretary of State for R+D

On April 24, 2018 we had the visit of a delegation of representatives of the central Government, Lleida City Council and University of Lleida in our facilities.

The delegation headed by Mrs. Carmen Vela, Secretary of  State for R & D and President of the State Research Agency, and accompanied by Mr. Mayor Angel Ros and President of Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park Consortium in addition to Roberto Fernández, rector of the UdL and vice president of the Park, among other personalities.


During the visit, some related topics were addressed, especially issues related to the R & D that our company is carrying out. AXEB is involved in R & D to give solution to agricultural community to improve plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soil by the use of innovative biostimulants, plant nutrition products, specialized fertilizers and adjuvants. And nowadays is expanding its presents around the world.

The appointment’s agenda of the Secretary of  State in R & D included a visit to the University of Lleida and other companies of the Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park Consortium.

If you are interested in our biostimulants and plan nutrition products, you can get the last version of our catalogue through this link: Catalogue link.