April, 2015
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New Field Trials

In line with our research of new active ingredients for plant nutrition with biostimulant activity, a field trial on Brassica sp. is ongoing.
September, 2014

AXEB expand its distribution network

Our distribution network is steadily growing; AXEB's products are commercialized globally through distributors or sole agents.
July, 2014

Innovative Project: 100% eco-efficient and sustainable biopolymers.

AXEB Biotech is an excellent partner for GPPW because of our excellent products and services.
April, 2014

Repsol visit AXEB Biotech

AXEB Biotech was visited by representatives of the Repsol Foundation, which promotes innovation and business development in the field of energy efficiency and supports the creation of new businesses.
January, 2014

AXEB: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

Hosted by the City of Abu Dhabi and in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture was launched in January 2014.
December, 2013

Conference: Scientific Plant and Technology Based Companies

More than 60 researchers and companies in the nutrition and plant protection at the "Plant Companies and Scientific Technology based" organized by the Biovegen platform.
November, 2013

Axeb Biotech received an honorable mention

Axeb Biotech received an honorable mention in the category of Business Career ANCES National Awards.