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AXEB’s Biostimulants and Plant Nutrition in Turkey

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AXEB’s Biostimulants and Plant Nutrition in Turkey

Turkish biostimulants’ distributor

Our productive business relationships with our turkish partner offered us the opportunity to work on a wide implementation of AXEB products in the Turkish market. At the moment, in the agricultural areas of Antalya, Isparta, Konya, Adana and Mersin.

Although our strategy is to introduce the entire catalog of biostimulants and plant products in the Turkish market, the following products are now available:


AXEB Chelates are complex micronutrient formulations containing organic agents to guarantee a high level of metal stability (Zn, Fe, and Mn, among others). Micronutrients in AXEB formulations are quickly incorporated into sap and translocated to the plant organelles which require the specific metals, and they are especially developed to obtain a fast correction of micronutrient deficiencies in that they are rapidly absorbed by the plant and incorporated into its physiological processes: AXE Ca, AXE Cu, AXE Mn, AXE Zn, AXEMIX


ROOTING: AXEVIT RADIX  is a liquid biostimulant designed for the stimulation of root system growth and development.

FLOWER AND FRUIT SETTING: AXEN is a liquid biostimulant that stimulates flower setting and benefits fruit growth.

GROWTH REGULATOR: MASTER CM PLUS is a plant growth regulator for foliar applications that stimulates vegetative growth, side bud burst, flower and fruit mooring, photosyntate formation and delays senescence.


AXEB NPK 12.8-8-12 is specially formulated for foliar and fertigation applications of any crop.


AXEMIN 24 is a plant-source free amino acid based formulation that is assimilated immediately by plants.


AXEKELP is a liquid biostimulant that promotes nutrient uptake, vegetative growth, flowering earliness, flower and fruit setting and fruit quality (size, hardness, taste, weight, colour and shelf life).


AXEFIT K is a high quality phosphite. 

If you are interested in our biostimulants and plan nutrition products, you can get the last version of our catalogue through this link: Catalogue link.

If you need to contact our distributor in Turkey write us through our contact form.