AXEB - Biostimulants and Plant Nutrition company

AXEB creates products to increase
nutrient availability and uptake

AXEB BIOTECH SL is a technology-based company in the field of agri science, working to improve plant health and yield in a sustainable way. We make efforts to meet the needs of our customers and offer solutions for sustainable and quality agriculture.

Our aim is to improve sustainability and optimize crop yields. We have more than 25 years’ experience in the field of biostimulants and like plant nutrition company.

"Axeb" is a word that defines the vegetation that appears in the desert after a storm. The extreme drought resistant seeds make the most of any circumstance to prevail and prosper. This concept reflects the vision of our company.

AXEB's Team


Ricard Casals


Founding partner of AXEB. Experience in the creation and management of an international plant nutrition company from 1989 to 2000. Advisor in the internationalization of business for more than ten years.

Jordi Justribó

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for purchasing, contracting and logistics management services, in charge of exports and administrative documentation. Experience in similar activities in plant nutrition company for more than 10 years. Member of the AXEB management team since 2009.

Rubén Torregrosa

Ph. D Food Science – R&D Project Manager

Responsible for technical activities and scientific projects of the company, supervisor of production and subcontracting. Management of assigned technical staff and R&D projects. Professor at University of Lleida.

Judit Berman

Ph. D Plant Biotechnology - Market Intelligence

Management of market expansion activities and evaluation of new customers. Responsible for ongoing customer support.

Technical team

Product support and technological development staff, working in the research laboratory and production scaling. Customer support for quality control of products and external processes.

Presence and Partnership


Countries with AXEB's presence


Clients around the world

AXEB was created 10 years ago in Spain, Europe. Today we give specific responses to our global clients by offering innovative and effective solutions for plant nutrition whilst respecting the planet. AXEB's network of distributors are spread throughout Latin America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

AXEB maintains productive relations with AKIS International, providing support with technical assistance and field trials.