Biostimulants and plant nutrition: ZHONGRUI visit AXEB


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AXEB is  involved in R&D to give solution to agricultural community to improve plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soil by the use of innovative biostimulants, plant nutrition products, specialized fertilizers and adjuvants. And nowadays is expanding its presents around the world.

ZHONGRUI CHEMISTRY Ltd., located in Nanjing (China), is one of the most professional operators importing fertilizers, soil improvers and biostimulants from foreign companies to China.

On 19th July, AXEB Biotech and ZHONGRUI CHEMISTRY signed distribution agreement to help Chinese farmers to grow crops better.

In addition, we took the opportunity to do a technical visit to fields in our area under supervision of AKIS International (, in which we observed different irrigation, plant nutrition and pest control systems and technologies.


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