Biostimulants: AXEB expanding its product globally

Expanding Market

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Expanding Market



During 2017, customers are expected to increase by more than 50% over the previous year. We continue to expand our commercial network in countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. AXEB’s Biostimulants improve the capacity of the plant and obtain the best possible result are having excellent results in the plantations of the customers of our partners.


An example are the latest products introduced in the market of Uganda.

  • AXEMIN 24 is an animal amino acid based formulation that is assimilated immediately by plants.

  • AXEKELP is a liquid biostimulant that promotes nutrient uptake, vegetative growth, flowering earliness, flower and fruit setting and fruit quality (size, hardness, taste, weight, colour and shelf life).

  • AXEROOT is a growth stimulant that contains a balanced formula of phytohormones, amino acids, phosphorus, folic acid and other rooting co-factors.

  • AXEN is a liquid biostimulant that stimulates flower setting and benefits fruit growth.

  • AXEFOL CalciMag Plus is a fast-assimilating foliar fertilizer designed to be applied in fructification stages, from fruit filling to harvesting, since it increases and standardizes fruit size and weight.

  • AXESUGAR is a natural activator designed for enhancing root yield and sucrose production in sugar beet and sugarcane.

  • BIOAX is a plant growth regulator for foliar applications that stimulates vegetative growth, side bud burst, flower and fruit mooring, photosyntate formation and delays senescence.

  • AXESTIM is a natural activator of biochemical plant functions designed for foliar applications and directly assimilated by plants.

  • AXEFOL K45 is a high-concentrated and fast-assimilating fertilizer that can be used by either foliar or soil applications.

  • AXEB NPK 25-22-14 is specially formulated for foliar and fertigation applications of any crop.

  • AXEHUMUS is an organic liquid soil improver with humic and fulvic acids. It enhances macro and micronutrients availability, maintains the balance of soil microorganisms, stimulates root growth, unbounds fixed soil elements, improves soil structure and supply organic matter.

  • AXEREDUX is a high-quality product based on complexing and chelating agents. AXEREDUX is designed to reduce and regulate water pH and hardness.