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Fruit sizing in nectarine

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Fruit sizing in nectarine

field-trials-axeb Chelates--biostimulants--specialized-fertilizers---plant-nutrition-yields-sustainable-agriculture---productive-agriculture---optimize-crop-yields---sustainable-farms---fertilizers

AXEB produces specific high value products for crop nutrition, suitable for high sustainable agriculture practices to obtain high crop performance and minimize environmental impact. In line with improvement quality of our products, a field experiment of AXESIZE was carried out to assess fruit sizing in nectarine fruits. AXEB Biotech is involved in R&D to give solution to agricultural community to improve plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soil by the use of innovative biostimulants, plant nutrition products, specialized fertilizers and adjuvants.

AXESIZE is a liquid biostimulant with high content of amino acids, organic matter and potassium. AXESIZE include amino acids; fundamental molecules for protein formation which have a structural, transportation and metabolic functions. AXESIZE’s amino acids also increase ATP production and the efficiency of energetic storage systems so the effects of stress conditions on the final yield are reduced.

AXESIZE stimulates cell division, plant growth, fruit growth and radicular activity so the absorption of macro and micronutrients is ensured.

Due to the amino acid content, AXESIZE it is suitable to improve the photosynthetic activity as well as the transportation and distribution of photoassimilates. It also induces the formation and protection of new cellular structures.

field-trials-axeb Chelates--biostimulants--specialized-fertilizers---plant-nutrition-yields-sustainable-agriculture---productive-agriculture---optimize-crop-yields---sustainable-farms---fertilizers

The field experiment was carried out on Nectarine (Prunus persica var. Nucipersica) which is one of the most cultivated species in the sweet fruit sector, followed by pear and apple. Much of this area is located in irrigated areas with semi-arid Mediterranean climate. AXESIZE is also recommended for horticultural crops such as tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, melon, cucumber or fruit trees like apple trees, table grape trees, citrus fruit trees and plants of the poaceae family as corn or sorghum.


  • Fruit calibre: Nectarines of AXESIZE-treated trees grew faster and bigger than control nectarines
  • Fruit quality: No differences in SSS (ºBrix), firmness (kg/cm²) and color (iRindex)
  • Vegetative development: No differences

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