Plant Nutrition: Repsol Fundation visit AXEB Biostimulants & Plant Nutrition

Repsol visit AXEB Biotech

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Repsol visit AXEB Biotech

AXEB Biotech was visited by representatives of the Repsol Foundation, which promotes innovation and business development in the field of energy efficiency and supports the creation of new businesses.

AXEB Biotech received in his headquarters, in “Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park Consortium, the representatives of the Repsol Foundation. AXEB Biotech involved in R&D to give solution to agricultural community to improve plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soil by the use of innovative biostimulants, plant nutrition products, specialized fertilizers and adjuvants.

AXEB, as an emerging company, aroused the interest of the Repsol Foundation because our commitment in the field of agri science and our work to improve plant nutrition and yield in a sustainable way.  It was a perfect opportunity to make known all our scope in research and development in agriculture.

Repsol Foundation promotes innovation and business development in the field of energy efficiency and supports the creation of new businesses. Fundación Repsol is one of the means by which Repsol fulfils its commitment to social responsibility, acting as a channel for the group’s social and cultural work.

Its objective is to contribute to social wellbeing, improve people’s quality of life, and achieve greater social, educational, environmental and cultural development, especially in the regions where the company operates. Fundación Repsol is Social Energy, reinforcing Repsol’s social commitment and calling.

During the visit also joined us the president of the Science Park and CEO of GLOBALleida. The three institutions: Repsol Foundation, Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park Consortium and GLOBALleida have signed a collaboration agreement to promote entrepreneurship in Lleida by Entrepreneurs Fund Repsol Foundation.

Through the Entrepreneurs Fund, Fundación Repsol supports and accelerates the development of the best innovative proposals in the field of energy and energy efficiency, mobility, generation of energy close to the consumer (distributed energy generation), energy storage, industry digitalisation or new materials for the energy and chemical industry.

AXEB is pleased and grateful for the visit received from representatives of the Repsol Foundation.