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A wide range of biostimulant formulations including phytoregulators (cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins), seaweed extract, organic matter, humic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates and/or many nutritive elements, macro and micronutrients.

Amino acids are precursors of phytohormones and growth substances. They activate plant metabolic systems, enhance seed germination and invigorate plants under biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

Amino acids are essential molecules for protein synthesis which have structural, transport and metabolic functions. They stimulate plant physiological functions such as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development.

Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract promotes nutrient uptake, vegetative growth, early flowering, flower and fruit setting and fruit quality (size, hardness, taste, weight, colour and shelf life).

Its natural composition includes phytoregulator precursors (cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins), amino acids, carbohydrates and many nutritive elements (N, P, K, Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, S, B, Mo and Cu). All macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) of AXEB’s seaweed extract products are 100% assimilated by the plant.

AXEB rooting products are biostimulants that contain a balanced formula of phytohormones, amino acids, macronutrients, vitamins and other rooting co-factors. These components act directly on the roots or on active root cell division areas to stimulate their growth.

AXEB flower and fruit setting products are especially recommended for horticultural crops (tomato, pepper, watermelon, melon, cucumber), fruit trees (apple tree, table grape tree, citrus fruit tree) and plants of the poaceae family (corn or sorghum). They include all necessary components to stimulate flower and fruit setting.

High quality fast-assimilated biostimulants designed to be applied in fructification stages, from fruit filling to harvesting, since they increase and standardize fruit size and weight. They also enhance crop yield and postharvest fruit shelf life.

Silicon has a double effect on the soil–plant system. First, improved plant-silicon nutrition reinforces plant-protective properties against diseases, insect attack, and unfavorable climatic conditions.

Second, soil treatment with biogeochemically active silicon substances optimizes soil fertility by improving physical and chemical soil properties and the maintenance of nutrients in plant-available forms. It is a key nutrient in crops such as rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane or sugar beet.

AXEB growth regulator biostimulants are specially formulated to stimulate vegetative growth, side bud burst, flower and fruit mooring, photosyntate formation and delays senescence.

A natural activator of biochemical plant functions designed for foliar applications and directly assimilated by plants. AXEB stress relievers increase plant resistance under stress conditions, produce mass root expansion, enhance vegetative growth, earlier blossoming and result in higher quality of fruits.

Our products are suitable for use in organic farming, conventional and integrated production.Contact us to know the best solution for your crops.

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