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Production increase in tomato crops

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Production increase in tomato crops

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AXEB is committed to create the best products to satisfy our costumers’ needs. In this context, we carry out field experiments to test and know the effects of our products in each crop. The purpose of this field experiment is to demonstrate the performance of BIOAX by increasing the production of tomato crops.

AXEB Biotech is involved in R&D to give solution to agricultural community for improving plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soils by the use of innovative biostimulants, plant nutrition products, specialized fertilizers and adjuvants.

BIOAX is a plant growth regulator for foliar applications formulated with plant source amino acids and ATCA. Balanced applications of cytokinins together with gibberellins and auxins stimulate fruit mooring and sizing, mainly in fleshy fruits. BIOAX contains amino acids, that stimulate plant physiological functions such as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development. BIOAX includes ATCA, a natural component derived from L-cysteine, which is a natural activator of biochemical plant functions. It stimulates and increases plant resistance against adverse conditions as drought stress or cold stress by the stimulation of glutathione production, an important natural antioxidant peptide.

The field experiment was carried out in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), which is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide. Its consumption is continuously increasing and with it its cultivation, production and commerce.

As it has been verified in the result of the test:

  • Tomatoes of BIOAX-treated plants were heavier than control tomatoes.
  • Tomato plants treated with BIOAX produced 10% more kg in 2nd and 3rd truss compared to control plants.

 Date: 2017. Treatment: 3 applications of 1 L BIOAX/ha, spray

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